SEMYOU -  sem.Gantt

SEMYOU - sem.Gantt 3.0

Simple administration of tasks and milestones.

Simple administration of tasks and milestones.

Manage your projects with "sem.Gantt" easily, centralized and safely; and access them from wherever you are in the world. Small and large-scale projects can be managed easily on-line, through an intuitive user-interface. Create in just a couple of steps new project plans with milestones, tasks and dependencies; and enable other users, within your team, to access them through SEMYOU, with corresponding reading and writing accesses

- Easy to handle project management

- Multiple project management

- Team collaboration

- Access, wherever you are

- Centralized access through your Cloud-Office

- Latest encryption

- Safe data storage

- Direct SEMYOU CLOUD OFFICE integration

- The Cloud-APP can be tested 30 days free of charge

- Secure Datacenter and high end encryption

- No Installation, No Download. Access from everywhere via Web-Browser

- Access to over 30+ other Business-APPS from SEMYOU

SEMYOU -  sem.Gantt

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SEMYOU - sem.Gantt 3.0